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Central sterilization department assure sterilization assurance for correct and sound sterilization for surgical equipments. Barcode labels used to record system of staff performance and inventory informations with and without indicator labels.

Barcode label system provide tracing of entire sterilization stages in digital platform and documentation in Central sterilization department. These stages are; receipt of dirty, bloody and infection risky all surgical instruments. washing, packaging, sterilization and deliver to storage unit.

Could be designed at requested dimension. Double fold structure provide documentation convenience.

Product Description
Comply to ISO 11140-1 standard
Non-toxic and clear process indicators
Accurate indicator color change
Designed for EO and Plasma sterilizations
2 and 3 row count
Compatible with MedSter label gun
Filling space for sterilization date, expiry date, operator code & cycle number.
Barcode labels at requested size
Product Code Product description
30.100 3 Lines Indicator Label, Steam, 500 labels
30.110 2 Lines Indicator Label, Steam, 750 labels
30.200 3 Lines Indicator Label, EO, 500 labels
30.210 2 Lines Indicator Label, EO, 750 labels
30.300 3 Lines Indicator Label, H2o2, 500 labels
30.310 2 Lines Indicator Label, H2o2, 750 etiket
30.500 Label Gun ( 3 lines )