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SafeCheck Bowie & Dick test packs are single use test packs produced conform to EN 285 standard and operating at 134°C and 3.5 minutes. It is designed to detect malfunctions like vacuum pump, unsufficient steam penetration, air leaking at air removal system of pre-vacuum sterilizers. 200 and 400 sheet test packs are available. Wrap type and Box type are available.

After saturated vapor filled in the Autoclave and steam ingress penetrated center of test pack, indicator on the test sheet turns from Pink to dark Grey/Black color.

The back side of the indicator sheet has enough space, enable to write results and keep records permanently for traceability purpose.

SafeCheck Bowie & Dick Test pack indicator sheets are free from lead and toxic substances.

SafeCheck Bowie & Dick Test packs comply ISO 11140-4 standard and manufactured with Class 2 indicators conform ISO 11140-1 standard.

Product Description
Ready To use Test Pack design
Comply to ISO 11140-1 ve EN 285
Clean and accurate color change
Free from lead and other heavy metals.
Permanent record possibility for tracebility
Designed 200 and 400 sheet Wrap and Box type
Product Code Product description
20.110 Bowie & Dick Test Pack (crepe wrapped, 200 sheets)
20.120 Bowie & Dick Test Pack (crepe wrapped, 400 sheets)
20.210 Bowie & Dick Test Pack (boxed, 200 sheets)
20.220 Bowie & Dick Test Pack (boxed, 400 sheets)