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MedSter steam Autoclave tapes provide safe solution for closing all wrapping materials. The process indicator ink shows easy and accurate color change and indicates if the pack has been processed. After sterilization process, A. tape removed easily and it provide clean peel from wrapping pack. Various type and dimension are available.

The water based process steam indicator ink turns from White to dark grey/black accurate color change after Pack processed steam sterilization.

Traceability provided by the lot number, production date and expiry date labelled on the carton roll.

MedSter Auoclave Tape indicators are free from lead and heavy metals. Beside Steam, there are H2o2 and ethylene oxide autoclave tapes are manufactured.Production widths are 19mm and 25mm but we can produce any other dimension upon demand.

Product Description
Comply EN 285 and ISO 11140-1
Accurate indicator color change
Non-toxic and clean process indicators
Clean peel from the Pack
For Steam, EO and Plasma sterilization
Dimension width 19mm and 25mm
Product Code Product descriptionProduct Sizes
10.000 Autoclave Tape ( w/o Incicator ) 19 mm * 50 m
10.010 Autoclave Tape ( w/o Indicator ) 25 mm * 50 m
10.100 Autoclave Tape, Steam19 mm * 50 m
10.110 Autoclave Tape, Steam25 mm * 50 m
10.200 Autoclave Tape, EO19 mm * 50 m
10.210 Autoclave Tape, EO25 mm * 50 m
10.300 Autoclave Tape, H2o219 mm * 50 m
10.310 Autoclave Tape, H2o225 mm * 50 m