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MedSter offers wide range of wrapping paper for different purposes. This provide convenience to Wrap different size instrument and devices.

MedSter crepe wrapping paper are made of 100% cellulose fibres and can be used as either inner or outer wrapping. High bacterial filtration efficiency preventing cross contamincation with bacteria.

MedSter crepe wrapping paper is suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde sterilization methods.

MedSter crepe wrapping paper conform EN 868-2 standards, complete CE certificate basic provisions of 93/42/AT Medical device regulation.

Product Description
Proven microbial barrier
Conform EN 868-2
Suitable for steam & Ethylene oxide sterilization
Wide range of Wrap is available
Available in different colors for inner and outer wrapping
Made of 100% cellulose fibres
Product Code Product descriptionProduct Size
CR2525 Crepe Paper, 60 gr25 cm * 25 cm
CR3030 Crepe Paper, 60 gr30 cm * 30 cm
CR4040 Crepe Paper, 60 gr40 cm * 40 cm
CR4545 Crepe Paper, 60 gr45 cm * 45 cm
CR5050 Crepe Paper, 60 gr50 cm * 50 cm
CR6060 Crepe Paper, 60 gr60 cm * 60 cm
CR7575 Crepe Paper, 60 gr75 cm * 75 cm
CR9090 Crepe Paper, 60 gr90 cm * 90 cm
CR100100 Crepe Paper, 60 gr100 cm * 100 cm
CR120120 Crepe Paper, 60 gr120 cm * 120 cm