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MedSter heat-sealable sterilization reels are constructed by transparent PET/PP multi-layers co-polymer film and 60gr & 70gr medical grade paper. There are steam and Ethylene oxide process indicators on the paper surface of the reel conform to ISO 11140-1 standard and provide accurate and clear color change after sterilization process.

MedSter sterilization reels are manufactured flat and Gusetted types fit for any required dimensions.

MedSter Sterilization reels do not have unhealthy or toxic substance. Against to any infection and/or poliferation risk, pressure is designed on the seal barrier line between paper and film.

MedSter Sterilization reels are manufactured conform to ISO 11607 and EN 868-5 standards, meeting CE certificate basic provisions of 93/42/AT Medical device regulation.

Product Description
Excellent barrier characteristics by medikal grade paper conform to EN 868-3
Comply to ISO 11607, ISO 11140-1 and EN 868-5
Water based, non-toxic and accurate process indicators
Easy peeling and aseptic presentation
Excellent gas permeability and microbial barrier properties
Product Code Product descriptionProduct Sizes
SR05200 STERILIZATION REEL5 cm x 200 m
SR75200 STERILIZATION REEL7,5 cm x 200 m
SR10200 STERILIZATION REEL10 cm x 200 m
SR15200 STERILIZATION REEL15 cm x 200 m
SR20200 STERILIZATION REEL20 cm x 200 m
SR25200 STERILIZATION REEL25 cm x 200 m
SR30200 STERILIZATION REEL30 cm x 200 m
SR35200 STERILIZATION REEL35 cm x 200 m
SR40200 STERILIZATION REEL40 cm x 200 m
Product Code Product descriptionProduct Sizes
KR75100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU7,5 cm x 100 m
KR10100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU10 cm x 100 m
KR15100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU15 cm x 100 m
KR20100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU20 cm x 100 m
KR25100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU25 cm x 100 m
KR30100 K�R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU30 cm x 100 m
KR35100 �R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU35 cm x 100 m
KR40100 �R�KL� STER�L�ZASYON RULOSU40 cm x 100 m