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Type 5 chemical integrator works to give proximate result to Biological indicators. During steam sterilization process, when biological death started pill moves forward and when full dead took place, it cross the accept part.Distinctive characteristic of Type 5 steam integrator clearly occured after resistance tests than others. The most sensitive and responsive outcomes obtained by Type 5 integrator results.

There is a chemical pill in the steam chemical integrator, that pill moves on the special litmus paper according to values of sterilization. It stop at accept or reject part according to success of sterilization. Progress bar starts at Reject part and moves through Accept part. The length of movement depends on steam and time.

Steam Dynamics is required for correct display the internal sterilization conditions. Packaging control done by internal chemical indicators put in the bag, tray, container and pouches. Internal chemical indicators must be used for all packagings if proper steam sterilization condition is available.

Product Description
Designed for ethylene oxide and Steam
Comply to ISO 11140-1 standard
Steam Integrator strips covering whole critical parameters, give proximate result to Biological indicators.
Free from lead and other heavy metals
Accurate indicator color change
Indicator strips keep color about 6 months after sterilization
Product Code Product description
50.100 Buhar �ndikat�r Strip (Type 5), 250 adet
50.200 Buhar �ndikat�r (Type 5), 250 dual
50.110 Buhar �ndikat�r (Type 5), yap��kanl�, 250 adet
50.210 Buhar �ndikat�r (Type 5), yap��kanl�, 250 dual
50.500 Buhar �ndikat�r (Type 5), 250 adet
51.100 EO �ndikat�r Strip (Type 5), 250 adet
51.200 EO �ndikat�r Strip (Type 5), 250 dual
51.110 EO �ndikat�r Strip (Type 5), yap��kanl�, 250 adet
51.210 EO �ndikat�r Strip (Type 5), yap��kanl�, 250 dual