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About Us

It is a pioneer, permanent and reliable leading company in the sector.

MEDSTER; With its 40 years of experience based on printing technologies, MEDSTER manufactures its patented products in domestic production facilities and completely sterile conditions and offers them to the service of Turkish and World Medical Authorities.

With its innovative structure, sterile solutions providing strategic and global cooperation, MEDSTER is a corporate company that has proven its competence and reliability on the international platform. In projects requiring knowledge, experience and professional competence, it has managed to have a say in the Sunday in the international arena with technology-oriented sterilization products and services.

The company, which was founded in 1968, established its expertise in sterilization services in 2015 as "MEDSTER Medical Device and Health Services Ltd. Şti." he has moved to a new dimension with his title. By strengthening its corporate structure more and more every day, it continues to serve as a corporate company that directs the sector.


MEDSTER is a company that has undertaken product distributorship of 17 countries, exports to 35 countries and is a member of the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Every year it participates in the world's leading fairs such as Germany - Medica Fair, Dubai - Arab Health and Miami USA - Fime International Medical Exposition and follows the innovations on site.

MEDSTER, which continues its machine park investments with its development-oriented visionary structure and renews itself every period, continues to be the indispensable choice of both domestic and foreign public and private hospitals. Jul Jul stands out as the solution partner of the sector with its wide range of products capable of supplying all the needs of the sector from a single point with its versatile structure by supplying products to many manufacturer companies in the sector.

MEDSTER, which collects advantages such as sterile and domestic production, custom-made product supply that can be prepared in accordance with the given measurements and demand, has proven its success with quality certificates Jul.