Expert in Infection Control

Medster took its place among Turkey's 100 Fastest Growing Companies Organized by TOBB for the Second Time.

It is a pioneer, permanent and reliable leading company in the sector.
Medster took its place among Turkey's 100 Fastest Growing Companies Organized by TOBB for the Second Time.

1) When was your company founded, can you give us information about the number of your employees, your production areas and your fields of activity?

Medster Medical Devices and Health Services, which is an expert in sterilization services, was established in 2012. With its 4000 m² closed area factory and an experienced team of 50 people, MEDSTER has 53 years of experience, rooted in his father's profession and based on printing technology. It produces consumables used in the field of sterilization in its own domestic production facility and in the classes and conditions required for complete sterilization, and presents them to Turkish and World Medical Authorities. It strengthens its corporate structure day by day and continues its services as a company that directs the sector.

It was among the "Top 100 fastest growing companies" of 2020 organized by TOBB. In addition, at the beginning of 2022, the next year, we, as MESTER, received another award for TOBB Turkey's top 100 fastest growing companies award. This is the second time we have received this award.

As MEDSTER, we were deemed worthy of the Women Entrepreneurs Empowering the Economy award as “Women Entrepreneurs Adding Strength to the Economy” and Medster's founder Aysu Öztürk has achieved significant success in the production of sterilization consumables throughout the country and in exports, and since the day she made her first export. By rapidly increasing the number of countries, it has become exporting to 76 countries.

Every year ''United Arab Emirates-Dubai Arab Health'', ''Germany-Düsseldorf Medica'' and ''America-Miami Filme'', ''Turkey Expomed'' ''Turkey DAS Congress'', '' It represents our country in the best way at home and abroad by participating in the "OHSAD Congress" and "Medical Procurement Congress".

2) Which products (services) do you supply to the market? What distinguishes your products (services) from similar products (services)?

The medical device sector contains a wide range of products and technologies. MEDSTER company produces control group products used in pre-operative sterilization units with its wide product range in the field of sterilization services. It provides installation, service and technical service of Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer devices used in sterilization units and supplies stainless steel equipment used in sterilization units to the domestic and international markets.

In the product groups of MEDSTER Medical Devices, Sterilization Control Products, Bowie & Dick Test Packages, Tyvek, Steam and Bellows Rolls and Bags, Medical Kraft and Crepe paper, SMS Nonwoven packaging products, Washing Disinfection Device contamination test and washing indicators, Ultrasonic machine test kits, Sterilization Sealing Machines, Sterilization Units Stainless Steel equipment design and assembly

3) In short, what does production mean for you and our country? What are your problems and expectations from the public?

Ten years ago, our country was very insufficient and highly dependent on foreign sources for the production of medical devices, instruments and consumables, and almost all of the medical devices, most of the instruments and consumables were imported. We had local companies that produced these tools. However, most of them were not in a position to compete with foreign big companies. We have seen during the pandemic process that our country has surpassed many countries in the medical device sector. The fact that our country has a young, crowded and dynamic population that is prone to information technology and willing to use it, the medical device sector is a sector with high added value, the communication infrastructure in our country is at a modern level, there are universities with high education quality, and high-tech medical devices, tools and materials are produced in our country. The existence of companies has proven that production is a great value for our country.

The balance of power of a country is based on production, consumption and efficiency, but the most important thing for our country is to export. If we bring foreign currency to our country by exporting, we will make the biggest contribution economically. The more efficient the production, the more solid the foundation of the economy will be. The fact that production is domestic and sustainable, on the other hand, increases the welfare level of the country by reducing foreign dependency in agriculture, trade, industry and energy. In this context, supporting domestic production and empowering the economy means a growing and productive Turkey.

4) Could you give some information about your domestic and international marketing strategies and activities? Do you export?

We have a nationwide marketing and service network. We offer the advantage of domestic production to our users at the point of sales, marketing, installation and technical service. Besides, we are in a very good place in terms of exports. We export our devices to European Union, Balkans and Middle East countries. in the future