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Advantages of Casp Hydrogen Peroxide Device

It is a pioneer, permanent and reliable leading company in the sector.

Guarantee of Perfect Sterilization : The sterility assurance level (Tuesday) is defined as the probability of one live sport remaining in a suspension as a result of one million repetitions of the sterilization process, that is, the probability of 10-s of remaining a live sport after the sterilization process. GASP Hydrogen peroxide low heat plasma sterilizer has successfully passed the Tuesday 1 o-s test, which proves that it is a high-quality sterilizer.

Automatic Agent Filling & Safe System : This system guarantees the safety of users, and the automatic security system ensures a more stable use of qualified substances.

PCD Biological Indicator : The Biological Indicator (BI PCD) was developed by CASP for the first time in the world. CASP, 1.D allows the observation and verification of instruments with lumens up to 1mm x L2m size, sterilization cycles with Hydrogen peroxide.

Type 5 Chemical Indicator : CASP has produced the Tip5 Chemical Indicator, which gives instant results equivalent to the biological indicator of the first low-temperature plasma sterilizer in the world, according to ISO 11138 standards. Tip 5 Chemical Indicator is designed to react to variability and there is no need to wait 24 hours for the sterilization results to be seen.

Advanced Containment Vessel: The durable and portable storage container (storage container) with its simple structure is waterproof, dustproof and acts as a barrier to bacteria. CASP boxes offer the user the opportunity to protect their valuable equipment during transportation.

1) Vehicles will not be damaged

2) Easy to carry

3) Deconstructs the operating costs

4) Protects resources

5) It operates the instruments better

6) Observes the indicators thanks to the optical window

7) Waterproof and dustproof

Advantages of Casp Hydrogen Peroxide Device