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Bowie & Dick Test Package

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  • It has been produced in order to detect cycle errors such as air leaks, insufficient steam penetration and vacuum pump failure that may occur in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers.

  • The Bowie & Dick test package consists of a series of vapor penetration (air evacuation) barriers with a chemical indicator in the middle.

  • The Bowie & Dick Test Package is designed to convert at 134 °C and in 3.5 minutes.

  • Our products meet the performance requirements specified in the ISO 11140-4 Class 2/B standard.

  • The Bowie & Dick Test Packs are designed with 200 and 400 leaf Crepe pack and box options.

  • The Bowie & Dick Test Package has reliable performance and provides accurate results.

  • It shows a clear and definite color change after a successful sterilization process.

  • The indicator used does not contain lead, heavy metals and other chemicals that are harmful to health.

  • There is LOT, Production Date and Expiration Date information on the product label.

  • The service life of our products is 3 years.
Bowie & Dick Test Package
20.110 Bowie & Dick Test Package (Crepe Package) 200 Sheets 90
20.120 Bowie & Dick Test Pack (Crepe Pack) 400 Sheets 48
20.210 Bowie & Dick Test Package (Boxed) 200 Sheets 84
20.220 Bowie & Dick Test Package (Boxed) 400 Sheets 48
20.310 Bowie & Dick Test 50 Sheet -