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Class 5 Chemical Integrator Indicator (Progressive) / (Steam)

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  • Steam integrator strips are sensitive to all critical parameters of the sterilization cycle and are designed to give the most accurate result to the biological indicator.

  • It is manufactured in accordance with working on steam sterilizers.

  • The steam integrator is designed as a strip.

  • Indicator strips are suitable for use in every bag and every load.

  • Indicator strips are manufactured in accordance with ISO 11140-1 standard.

  • Indicator strips do not contain lead, heavy metals and other chemicals that are harmful to health.

  • It shows a clear and definite color change after a successful sterilization process.

  • The product is available as a specially designed, windowed (progressive) model.

  • There is LOT, Production Date and Expiration Date information on the product label.
Class 5 Chemical Integrator Indicator (Progressive) /  (Steam)
50.500 Steam Integrator Chemical Indicator Strip (Class 5) 100 Pcs 100 / 80