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MKKC 300 Cutting and Closing Device

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  • The Cutting and Sealing Machine is suitable for packing bags, envelopes and rolls.

  • The machine has an interface and a 4.3" color LCD touch screen that provides simple operation Decently and reliable performance.

  • It has a Turkish menu.

  • Cutting and Sealing Machines automatically cut and seal paper bags, envelopes and rolls of the desired size and quantity according to the given parameters.

  • These high-performance machines are ideal alternatives to manual cutters due to their simple and easy-to-use features.

  • It is widely used in sterilization departments of hospitals to cut various paper and plastic bag packaging.

  • Precise temperature control and constant contact pressure and sealing speed guarantee repeatable sealing results.

  • If the sealing temperature is outside the ±4 °C tolerance, the device shuts down automatically.

  • The device measures 600 x 350 x 320 mm, is 30 kg.
MKKC 300 Cutting and Closing Device