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MYKC 100, Closing Device with, Printer

It is a pioneer, permanent and reliable leading company in the sector.
  • The device automatically performs the shutdown and write process.

  • Thanks to its automatic printer, the Sterilization Date, Expiration Date, LOT, Operator, etc. he can write information on the rolls.

  • Instant bonding, bonding temperature, closing speed, date and time information can be printed for installation and operational qualification studies.

  • Adhesion sealing tests can be applied. T LCD color touch screen is available.

  • Thanks to the fast heating system, it can reach 180 °C in 40 seconds.

  • It can perform closure in the range of 60°C - 220°C with ±1December accuracy.

  • The closing speed is 10 m/min.

  • The closure width is 12 mm and it performs barrier, multi-quilted bonding of the type in sterilization rolls.

  • With its rotary wheel system, it can close all sizes of rolls.

  • Ceramic type resistors have a very long service life.

  • It has an automatic cooling system.

  • It has a Turkish menu.

  • it measures 560 x 260 x 220 mm, weighs 18 kg.
MYKC 100, Closing Device with, Printer